Careline blushes: A Review

Careline is a local Filipino brand that has been around as far back as I can remember. Alongside Ever Bilena, another long-time brand, Careline has gone through a lot of changes since their debut in 2005. However, they remain to be the makeup brand for teenagers and being budget-friendly, and with the expansion of Blythe Cosmetics, under the endorsement and perhaps co-created by young actress Andrea Brillantes, Careline has become a bit more inclusive, especially with their skin makeup.

For this post, I want to focus on my old reliable Careline Oil Control Blushes in the shades Peach Glow and Rosy Cheek. This line of blushes is probably as old as the brand itself and they still sell these on stores or online. The shade range is pretty impressive, although I have to say sometimes they’re not all completely in stock all the time. Whether because they do get sold out or there isn’t a lot of demand for them, which would be a shame if that is the case.

Careline Oil Control Blushes, shade Rosy Cheek (L) and Peach Glow (R)

The price range has definitely gone up. I remember getting mine at exactly a 100 Php. Now it’s 110 Php. Right here!


These blushes are buildable, not immediately opaque, and quite powdery, with a tiny hint of glitter. The glitters don’t show up at all, which I feel defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

It’s longevity is alright. At my experience, 5 hours is its usual mark. However, with humidity and a warmer weather/season, that could shorten. Setting with a good long-wearing powder underneath or being sprayed with makeup mist does get its longevity up.

Rosy Cheek (L) is a medium, soft rosy pink color; Peach Glow (R) is a muted and light peach color

It does have an oil-control claim, though with my combination-sensitive skin that’s more responsive to external factors like temperature and sweating, I honestly barely notice it trying to control oil (which I don’t produce as much anymore). Since blush is usually placed on cheeks, and depending on your skin type, that area of the skin isn’t as oily as, say, the center of the face such as the nose.

The Drunk Blush look that’s become a staple here in the Philippines does put the blush across the nose, so with this type of blush item, the color may not stay as long, in my opinion, because under five hours or less under a humid weather says a lot.

Still, in my experience with these two, they do pretty well! Do take note my skin is a combination skin, leaning on the sensitive and dry type. However, if the makeup base–that is, with/out primer, foundation/bb/cc/tinted moisturizer/sunscreen–is long-wearing, matte or overall it’s set with a powder and/or setting makeup spray, these blushes last and fade gracefully.

I’ve done Drunk Blush looks with these, did the Draping blush look, or just a hint of these, as well as mixed together to create a nuanced blush color, and they perform as any reliable blush would!

Overall, Careline Oil Control Blush On is amazing and has great value for their prices! Budget-friendly, even to this day and economic changes, reliably pigmented and will predictably last under a nicely-set makeup look!

Hope you find ALL their colors in SM, Robinsons malls, Watsons or drugstores, or even online! I think they’re worth collecting!

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