The Good Goods Micellar Water: A Review

Hello there! Coming in with another Filipino-made/local product from ‘The Good Goods’ brand.

I’ve only ever encountered them back in Pasay’s S’Maison Mall, connected to SM MOA. I will say that I got this back in 2018 and had forgotten to post a review of it back when the stall was active and when I was still using it.

Today it’s been long finished and with so many small businesses before the pandemic having an uncertain comeback, or have rebranded and I have no idea what they are called now, this is all the proof left of where I even got my first micellar water.

To clarify, I no longer know if they’ve rebranded. Trying to look them up online yields little to no results. If anyone knows, please share it with us their details and if they’ve possibly rebranded.

The Good Goods Micellar Cleansing Water


It’s supposed to clean your face of makeup, but to be frank, it’s not very effective in doing that, not even my light coverage makeup. It didn’t even really did a good job in taking away eyeshadow, so what more could it do to waterproof makeup?

I got the small version but I can’t remember if they had a bigger version. The small bottle is supposed to be travel-friendly and I think that’s a good consideration in their part.

The thing is though, this made a great cleansing toner, so instead of a micellar makeup remover, I used it as such. It didn’t dry me out nor did it make me sensitive, but it isn’t a hydrating toner. I used it more to refresh my skin in the afternoon.

And since it was small, I managed to finish it in months before 2018 ended so that wasn’t a waste.


Since even in 2018, there have been new Filipino upstarts or small business beauty brands that still haven’t found a big following of customers yet. And I find that, in observations, that their products reflect their ‘newness’ in the industry. They have the passion and knowledge of the beauty trends, yet there is oftentimes a lack of efficacy of their products.

They would need probably another year or so and come out with an improved version or scrap that to produce something new (although in the beauty community, a lot of things are similar nowadays, but we want to see what brands have come up with to see how they differentiate themselves), and hopefully it gets praise.

I hope to see The Good Goods again and know if they’ve rebranded or not, and probably retry their micellar water if they’ve improved. It’s always exciting to know new brands that’s competing in the Phillippine market!

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