Human Heart Nature Radiant Grace Night Cream Review and Formula Comparison

Human Heart Nature is among the Filipinos’ staple brands and which I personally really admire for their mission for cruelty-free, 90%+ vegan and ethical standards for finding their resources, ingredients and particularly workers, who are from the impoverished class, all locally-sourced and grown.

I also admire the variety of products: skin care to repellents, they got it! To check their selection, click here!

For this one, I’m focusing on a skin care item that’s meant for preventing aging signs on the skin.

For this post, I am reviewing the former one, which I am finishing.

Packaging is really practical and it really gets as much as it can out of its tube with its unique pump. For the cream itself, it is surprisingly lightweight AT FIRST. It looks so thin in consistency and watery, but with just one pump, for my face, I can feel it become quite potent, like the cream itself is gradually settling into the skin and the texture of my skin’s surface does change.

The change isn’t too drastic but it’s noticeably doing something, like it gives a slight dewiness and physically it does seem to ‘tighten’ onto the skin. As I do continue to use this, the changes are remarkable: my skin became more plump, supple and the dullness gradually dissipated. And if the whole Glass Skin trend is still strong within you, you can definitely use this as your moisturizer, top it with your sunscreen and use little foundation or use skin tints/tinted moisturizers/BB or CC creams, or just as it is and you’ll LOVE how it gives the whole glow-from-within look so effortlessly!

The downside, however, from experience, is how it does not hold up well against the humid weather/climate. I am not sure why this happens, but if it’s 30 degrees and climbing, the moisturizer begins to ‘sweat’ along with my actual sweat. I actually do use this sometimes in daytime because of the effects it gives DESPITE this downside, like it still manages to give some of its benefits whilst it’s on the skin. I use it on daytime because of the ingredient, zinc oxide, and thought it can work so well underneath my physical sunscreen.

At first, it does, but because humidity and heat affects its efficacy, it does melt along with the sunscreen. So after those daytime experimentations, I soon used it only as intended, which is for night time. Definitely the results are more remarkable, as I would wake up to suppler, more vibrant skin!

As for the price, the price point has very little hike to it. I apologize I no longer have the price tag and receipt, but I remember purchasing the old version back in July 2019 and it is around 900+ Php. I do think the price is understandable; it’s not affordable but I think the formulation and the mission behind the company to retail the items for their workers is fair and it means they’re confident in their item.

According to their website as of this writing on this date, their former version is still on stock, so customers who know the old formula and prefer that can still get it. It’s also created quite a little competition between the old and new. I still haven’t purchased the new one to know the difference and now that I’m in my late twenties, I think I am in the right demographic to have this for my skin.

If you’re interested to buy the new one, here’s the website link

Now I want to address some of the finer details of this skin care, which is comparing this former and new formulation! The new packaging is now colored pink, but from what I can see from their website pictures, the packaging remains the same tube and pump type!

From the website itself:

Now let’s compare the ingredients! I have pictures from below the long rundown of the full ingredients list of the former Radiant Grace Cream!

Note: Mine is the old formulation and packaging. Let’s see the differences between the new one and their former one!

The ingredients are definitely the biggest difference. Some of them are still on the new formula but are moved either up on the list, or down. I apologize for being so anal about this, but perhaps someone will benefit from these details.

With water being the 1st ingredient for both, I listed the following more after comparing the old and new formula:

1. Glycerin = 3rd on the old formula, 2nd on the new

2. isostearyl hydroxystearate = 11th ingredient on old, 3rd ingredient on new

3. isoamyl laurate = NEW addition

4. cetearyl alcohol = NEW addition

5.  glyceryl stearate citrate = NEW addition

6. Jojoba esters = NEW addition

7.  Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed wax = NEW addition

8.  lauroyl lysine = NEW addition

9. Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil = 18th on old, 10th on new

10. Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil = 22nd ingredient on old, 11th on new

11. Passiflora edulis (passion fruit) seed oil = 19th on old, 12th on new

12. Persea gratissima (avocado) seed oil = 20th on old, 13th on new

13. Lavandula stoechas (roman lavender) extract = NEW addition

14. Beta vulgaris (beet) root extract = 13th on old, 15th on new

15. Olea europaea (olive) leaf extract = 4th on old, 16th on new

16. Acacia decurrens (mimosa) flower wax = NEW addition

17. xanthan gum = 17th on the old, 18th on the new

18. polyglycerin-3 = NEW addition

19. glyceryl caprylate = NEW addition

20. tocopherol (Vitamin E) = 16th on the old, 21st on new

21. olus (vegetable) oil = 21st on old, 22nd on new

22. caprylic/capric triglyceride = NEW addition

23. p-anisic acid = NEW addition

24. hydrolyzed corn starch = 12th on the old, 25th on new

25. ascorbyl glucoside = 5th on old, 26th on new

26. zinc PCA = 6th on old, 27th on new

27. ascorbic acid = 7th on old, 28th on new

28. parfum = 23rd/last ingredient on old, 29th on new

29. citric acid = NEW ADDITION

30. sodium citrate = NEW ADDITION

And compared here than from the myriad of ingredients of the new one, the former has less ingredients and the shuffling of certain ingredients may be key to how the cream feels and its new intended results. There are some that never make it to the new formulation as well, like stearyl alcohol. I will say though, I might have missed some ingredients, so feel free to compare them and become absorbed to the many differences!

Now there’s one last thing that I must address and it’s about the pamphlet that accompanies the former product, found inside the box.

Looking closely, Human Heart Nature has some…very vocal oppositions regarding certain ingredients, such as retinol. Retinol is an important ingredient talked more nowadays. A lot of its anti-aging benefits are recognized by so many dermatologists, chemists, etc. Yet here, in Human Heart Nature’s pamphlet, they make a warning about it and, despite recognizing its benefits, create a tone as if to say companies that do have retinol in their products can become dangerous.

However, many companies, nowadays especially, regulate their ingredients and products well. Retinol itself is recommended to be used in tandem with a sunscreen if it’s used by a user or patient (as it is used by clinical estheticians for their patients) during daytime.

They also added a study as a reference to back-up their claims. I honestly haven’t checked the legitimacy of it but I am sharing it to perhaps shed light on their stance on certain ingredients.

For more info and to be aware so you can make your own decisions, you can look up these ingredients through the following websites or read up articles about them:

From healthline regarding the use of ingredients’ checkers

Paula’s Choice on Retinol and can be a website to search up any ingredients

Overall, their former Radiant Grace Night Cream is a great product in preventing early signs of aging, as well as a moisturizer that has glowing results, especially when used at night time. For daytime, it’s best for cooler temperatures or when it’s not the humid season, as it does ‘sweat off’ along when perspiring. Besides the myths and tone Human Heart Nature has against certain ingredients, I think I understand why they have this but as consumers, I think we, too, need to remain vigilant and do our part in researching the science!

Thank you so much for reading and become radiant as well!

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