Human Heart Nature’s OLD vs NEW Moringa Creamy Face Wash

I’ve got two reviews for technically one product in this post. It’s Human Heart Nature’s Hydrating Creamy Wash in Moringa, an affordable face wash which comes in their regular size and a small travel size.

They’ve repackaged it to a new bottle, reformulated the product and added more in the new one. I got mine around 2019 and it’s almost done, so they may have been releasing the new one during earlier that year. Because I’ve experienced their former and current Moringa Creamy Face Wash, I’ve decided to zone in on their ingredients first to compare and my overall experience with them, write down the best things about them and compare which one is better.

I’ve made a full post review on their former Creamy Face Wash right here!

First, here are some ingredient comparisons:

The new one added and rearranged in mixing the ingredients, putting glycerin (coconut-derived) and glyceryl stereate among the first ones with the star ingredient, Moringa Oleifera seed extract and, to my surprise, something called Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate. 

Coco-glucoside and glyceryl oleate moved among the middle to last parts with new ingredients, such as hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate, tocopherol/Vitamin E, citric acid and sodium levulinate.

Lastly, the star ingredient changed as well; it’s still a Moringa seed extract, but the scientific names of the extract are different and likely they’ve changed the type of Moringa. From Moringa Pterygosperma to the current Moringa Oleifera.

Sorry for being too thorough, but just in case, I had to save you time in comparing what changed and what were added. I still provided pictures of the ingredients list and hopefully they’re clear. I also think some of you want to investigate ingredients and would want to be updated of any new things they did. If you have any information you want me to know about the ingredients or the product, go ahead and let me know.

Second comparison is the product itself. I’ve long finished the older one, so I unfortunately can’t have picture evidence of it, but having used the older one for so long and having the new one currently, the texture and consistency are slightly different. The older one was milkier, more ‘watery’, while the new one felt softer but a more bodied texture, like melted yoghurt, if that makes sense.

Despite the differences, they perform similarly: a milky and gentle cleanser. It doesn’t lather and it does feel like a slippery type of cream that can be massaged on your face and relax to oblivion. The more the dollop, the more powerful is it’s effectiveness in making your face feel clean. But that itself is a con because one might feel that the creamy wash didn’t do anything and over-apply the product and end up using the creamy wash faster.

On that note, it’s actually best that your face doesn’t feel too squeaky clean and should just feel like your skin’s natural texture so you don’t get rid of your good bacteria on your face. And that’s actually what’s great about this Moringa cleanser: it’s not stripping and a pea-sized amount is already good for a normal face wash routine.

As someone who has sensitive and combination skin, I needed a gentle, “neutral” type of cleanser that does its job but it doesn’t have exfoliating ingredients in it. Exfoliating ingredients are generally a thing in face washes, especially those targeting acneic and oily skin types, as they would have salicylic acid, etc., which is only ever good at certain times but shouldn’t be for everyday. So I’m glad the Moringa Creamy Face Wash is available in the Philippine market and competing with other affordable and perhaps very popular brands. Human Heart Nature, to me, at least remains very affordable and their travel size is a good testing ground for anyone who wants to test their items before committing to a larger bottle.

According to their website, as of this post, their travel size is 79.75 Php while their regular bottle is 109.75 Php, which is currently lower than when I purchased one back in 2019, so do take note because of the 2020-2021 timeline this post is in. Their websites will hold sales as well so their prices do go even lower, and if you ever go to their physical stores or Watsons, end of month sales or special discounts happen as well and they sell like hot cakes.

The site with the product:

Beauty Note: If you are going to use this for double cleansing, getting a bigger dollop may help in making sure the residues from the makeup remover and makeup itself are washed away. This product is overall targeted towards sensitive and dry skin, but regardless of skin type, this is a good face wash and a good starter to a cleansing routine after a long day.

The only really big downside I can honestly say is the fact that Human Heart Nature items, in general, carry fragrances and I’ll take a guess that it’s an essential oil type of perfume. I say this because there might be someone who is too sensitive and will cause an unwanted reaction, and may need to steer clear of Human Heart Nature. I have half a mind to email them if there are alternatives or if there is an explanation to using fragrances/parfum to their products, and perhaps make non-fragrant options.

So that’s it. Please have a good one.

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