V&M Eternal Pearl Face Creme: A Review

V&M Eternal Pearl Pore-Perfecting Face Creme For Luminous Glow

Hey, sorry it’s been so long since I updated. But no more moping around. I want to start with this one, especially since I finished the bottle.
It’s V&M’s Eternal Pearl Pore-Perfecting Face Creme For Luminous Glow. It’s a Philippine-made product from V&M, a cosmetics, skin and bath care brand that’s for ladies and gentlemen.
It’s Pros: 1. Moisturizing without the stickiness. You can use this as primer for makeup and would give it a natural feeling on the skin, like it’s plump and soft.2. Has a SPF built-in. However, you have to keep in mind sun protection has to be cap size full, meaning it’s dollop should fill a soda cap or at least a coin big to get the right protection you need for the face. With that in mind, it doesn’t leave a white cast.3. It has a mild scent but it’s not perfumed. However, looking at the ingredients, there may be an irritant on it that you recognize.4. The ‘Luminous Glow’ part may mean a healthy radiance the skin can have after a good rest and healthy nutrition, which it does give, when on it’s own. This will fade over time and will likely not show up underneath makeup. That’s not a bane, it really does what it should and it’s effects fading is natural as time goes by.
Overall, it’s a good two-in-one product that does give a natural glow, versus a smooth, blinding glow.
It’s Cons: 1. Pricey, but I understand as V&M is a competitive brand and sources ingredients locally and outside. However, what with affordable brands coming up with similar products at lower price tags, you’ll likely skip this.2. The pump sometimes doesn’t cooperate and when I was almost out of it, which I can’t tell as the bottle remains lightweight even when it was newly bought, I had to shake it too hard until something came out.
I must confess, as the final squirts came out, it was becoming futile to get the last drops. I did feel a sense of accomplishment that I at least get to the last corner till the pump can’t take them out anymore, but I also still think about what else I could’ve done before having to dispose it after a year of use. That’s it.
I hope some of the information and pictures also give you an idea what type of product it is for you and if you’re going for it or not. Have a good one.

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