Sea of Spa labs Bio Marine day moisturizer review

I finished this product quite a long time ago now and saved my thoughts on this. I will say the price for this is WAY HIGH that I’ve forgotten to notate that when I had it and, most importantly, for just needing a good moisturizer. Since it’s been a few years now, the price point has likely changed from the time me and my mother had it. This was supposed to be for her, but along the time she used it, didn’t like it and ended up on my responsibility to finish it.

From what I’ve gathered, Sea of Spa Dead Sea gathers their ingredients in the actual Dead Sea, the salt lake bordered by Jordan and Israel. You can find out more here. (Do take note to use a VPN if you can’t access their website, as I experienced)

I can’t find any information whether they are cruelty free, ethical, vegan, eco-conscious, etc. I can’t find them on very industrious, well listed cruelty free-focused websites, so for now I can’t personally confirm their stance so apologies.

The Sea of Spa Labs Bio Marine Day Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin
The jar, finished and for reviewing purposes

The ingredients list
Best for normal to dry skin, and before a makeup routine

According to the description and from how the clerks describe their products, they’re ideal before makeup, strongly implying that it can be a primer itself before the makeup routine. But to me, I think what the brand is simply saying that the Bio Marine moisturizer is ideal before a makeup routine to gain a fresh, supple skin before application. Whichever it is, I think with our current trends in makeup prep, both connotations can apply.

From experience, as a moisturizer and for prepping skin, it does smoothen skin and, once, on a night out, I used it as primer before makeup. The makeup did glide on well, but not as well as actual primers do. Still, the silkyness is there.

I didn’t dare used it as primer for day time, but as skin care prep because I can just predict how my makeup will melt off along with it and become a watery mess underneath all that humidity in Philippine climate.

It does have this slight tightening effect on the skin and, if taking a big dollop, may become too heavy on the skin. It has a light, mousse-like texture and viscosity, which got me to think it may still be lightweight enough for my combination skin type. Alas, it is as emollient as they come. So lesson learned: always take small amounts.

Despite being called a day cream, I had finished it to become a night cream instead and whenever I just want a quick makeup prep that results in smooth, supple skin underneath makeup, this is my go-to.

Personally, after trying it out, it’s great as a night cream and won’t even feel anything after in the morning. The tightening feel it gives and its lightweight texture that actually holds a lot of emollience is great for the night.

HOWEVER, given its price point, the ingredients and other competitively affordable brands that do more and just as well, I won’t be repurchasing this. Due to the years that’s passed by, the 2020 pandemic and possibility of discounts, the price for this has altered. Here’s the website. I will warn you that if it doesn’t open in your browser, as it did mine once, you’ll have to use a VPN to access it.

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