It’s ok to have creativity stumps.

Wow, it’s been such a long time since I used my almost-forgotten WordPress blog. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, I actually think I got nothing to add to this blog at all, as well as to other social media sites I made an account with, because of my own personal anxious issues.

Now that it’s 2020 and everything has changed, I personally thought i can finally concentrate better than the previous years because i get to stay home (although I’ve been working at home, but pre-pandemic days, I get to go out). But I realized my issues on concentrating to work on my art and other projects goes deeper, and I’m actually much worse now than back when we weren’t at this global pandemic.

As of this writing, this is my way of forgiving myself and holding myself accountable for my own anxieties and issues, but also realizing I can’t fix my own problems. Knowing I can’t do everything perfectly and even earn monetarily for the moment, is my baby steps to actually understanding how much I want my projects to come to fruition.

So to us who are not in a good position, before and now during this time in our lives, if we want to fix our issues, we have to realize that we need help, to get the best help from those who can help. It’s also important to recognize our own weaknesses and, from there, take one baby step at a time. It’s okay to hit road blocks, be stumped and find the best sources where it acknowledges the issues we have. Working on something is never an easy road anyway. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it and that we, the ones taking these paths, aren’t worthy.

We’re human; I think that’s the best excuse to take up anything despite our anxieties.

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