Human Nature’s Hydrating Creamy Wash review

Back when I was a teenager, skin care was the last thing in my mind.

I equated it with vanity, arrogance and, woe to me, being a braggart! Yeah…

It’s likely because of years being an awkward, school allowance-less, oily-skin teenager, while some of my classmates enjoyed their affordable skin care and cosmetics, as boys and girls pamper themselves to look cool…

Ah, those days…

Fast forward today, I am HUNTING DOWN the best skin care! And up on that list are facial cleansers! And what’s great about it is how affordable it is!

The best ones I’ve experienced are from Human Nature, so I’ve picked a lot these past couple of months, putting at least two on back up of Human Nature’s facial cleansers! The one I’m reviewing has been finished because of how GOOD it is, the whole family got into it!

The two on back up are the Nourishing facial wash, which is for review next time!

Human Nature Hydrating Creamy Wash, 200ml

Retails for 199.75 PHP

Its 50ml retails for 79.75 PHP

Look at that regular price deal!

The Hydrating Creamy Wash main star ingredient is the Moringa, which packs more calcium and vitamin C than milk and other citrus fruits. The Creamy Wash is also geared towards dry skin, since they made the product specifically to combat or prevent roughness of skin, flakiness and tightening of the skin.

Regardless of that, I, with dry to normal skin type, find the Creamy Wash a great and refreshing cleansing product! And apparently by other skin types, who were my family members!

The Human Nature’s Hydrating Creamy Wash appears like a milk cleanser upon taking a few drops of it. Very soft and liquid-like in consistency and texture, not gel-like as I’ve observed on most milky cleansers.

The only other milk cleanser that I can personally compare and has the same consistency is from Avene’s Gentle Milk Cleanser, but I feel that one is too slippery and too light for double cleansing (I’m writing it now, after finishing the Avene one, it’s a so-so cleanser that actually felt drying on the skin after using it). It’s also too expensive, so if you want something that’s similar but more effective, Human Nature’s Hydrating Creamy Wash won’t even break your bank account!

On the face, you’ll find that it doesn’t bubble or lather at all, as it lacks SLS or SLES, or any other known harmful ingredients! What does happen is that it becomes a creamy-soapy feeling on the skin! Whether on double cleansing or not, the Creamy Wash is effective! Perhaps if you’re on double cleansing, just a few more drops of the product will help wash it off, than simply washing the face, which requires, personally just a teaspoon of it.

And if you’re on a budget, especially if you’re a student, don’t be like me when I was in school! Human Nature is much more available now, especially since they have it online! And even physical stores, Sales can lower their already very low prices, so always jump on the opportunity to get Human Nature!

There are no cons I can think of with this product, except perhaps if you have a rare condition, you can definitely skip this to find something specific for you.

Here are the ingredients:

aqua (water), sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut-derived), stearic acid (vegetable-derived), decyl glucoside (coconut-derived), coco-glucoside (coconut-derived), glyceryl oleate (coconut-derived), glyceryl stearate (vegetable-derived), glycerin, fragrance (all-natural), xanthan gum, levulinic acid (rice/corn-derived), Moringa pterygosperma (malunggay) seed extract, p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived), phytic acid (rice-bran-derived)

Last and certainly a significant part of it, Human Nature is among the champions when it comes to cruelty free, vegan and ethical standards! This is their website

What’s your fave facial cleanser? Were you a skin care-free snob like I was when I was a teenager? How did you develop your skin care?

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