Laneige cushion Anti-Aging review and a criticism of cushions in general.

Warning. This post contains a criticism. It is full of my personal observations regarding cushions. It has negative observations that I found on my experience of them. You’re experience with cushions, positive or negative, is yours and may have similarities to what I have gone through, but the factors that I am experiencing whenever I use the product come into play and has results that differ from others. I will continue to finish cushion products I own currently and have been doing my best to get the best and most use out of them. Lastly, I am not mad nor do I feel ill intent on the creators of cushions, and users of them. It’s criticism, not hate speech.

The Laneige cushion is my first, and, after I’ve finished both their cushion products ( it came with a second cushion as part of k-beauty protocol), would be one of the last ones.

I have a L’oreal cushion as well, and when it’s done, I won’t be repurchasing cushion products. I’ll review the L’oreal cushion next time, but just a snippet of it, the L’oreal cushion performed better for my needs.

I really don’t feel it’s worth their hype, especially for someone suffering from blemishes, having a specific skin tone, living in the tropics and overall preferences. If you disagree and you feel very blessed to have a cushion foundation for use, then that’s you’re experience and the product’s effectiveness on your skin and experience.

Still, if there would be other contenders that could change my mind someday, I’ll let that happen. For now, my experience with Laneige, and with observing other cushions from other consumers, has given me a so-so rating of cushions.

Laneige BB cushion Anti-Aging SPF 50 PA+++, shade 23

If anyone is going to convince me that cushions are innovative and efficient, and that it’s just that I haven’t experienced the right cushion product for me, they’re right. Cushions are innovative and quite efficient in storing liquid complexion makeup and is convenient for traveling.

Description on side of the box

“The truth of Cushion” statement

Let’s just get it clear: it’s the packaging that has intrigued and interested a lot of us to try, besides the illustrious promises of better-looking skin, comparable to so many Korean idols. Back when I use to read reviews of Etude House complexion makeup in 2011, I daydream of one day owning either their Precious Mineral BB cream or their new BB cushion!


However, with countless observations over the years and with just these experiences I have for just two of the cushions I own, cushions are not just for me. The negatives outweigh the positive by a landslide.

The first negative is the most obvious one: skin color diversity.

Since AmorePacific–and countless other cosmetics companies out there–is already a multi-billion dollar industry with very intelligent consumers with diverse skin colors, I’m sure by year 2100, we’ve reached that level of inclusiveness. By then, they won’t be worried with someone criticizing their skin shade selection (like me, lol).

A swatch on the back of my hand. Note the slight paleness and dewy look of it.
Bare arm

Below are pictures of the pamphlet inside the box for the Laneige cushion, containing shade list and their specific ingredient list (apologies for the poor lighting):

Neutral Tone Shades: 11 Porcelain, 13 Ivory, 21 Beige, 23 Sand, 31 Brown, 33 Cinnamon, 35 Coffee, 37 Cacao; Cool Tone Shades: 11 Cool Porcelain, 13 Cool Ivory, 21 Cool Beige, 23 Cool Sand
I’m shade 23, by the way

The first negative is objectively something everyone has observed and criticized, and is slowly being changed for the better. Hopefully.

The next negatives I have are personal and reflect what cushions generally do give, in contrast to other complexion makeup.

I do have blemishes, sensitive skin that’s constantly in the mercy of environmental factors, rosacea, plus hormonal imbalance.

Other than that, my skin is quite manageable and is currently in better condition!

Still, with cushions being generally a natural to medium coverage type of product, the Laneige cushion was no different.

Despite blurring pores and giving the usual “chok-chok” dewiness, coverage is minimal. For those looking for a lightweight natural finish, efficiency, SPF broad spectrum protection and can go for touch-ups, Laneige cushion Anti-Aging has you covered!

But perhaps that’s the story for most cushion products, anyway…

Longevity of it depends on how I set it and the environment/weather. Since it’s a tropical area where I’m from, it stayed on for thirty minutes without powder. With powder and touch-ups, at least four. By then, I usually let it go if I look off. It is good for what it was intended: quick efficient makeup and touch-ups.

I usually use the Laneige cushion for errand days and just lug it around for touch-ups if the errand is so long. It’s useful for what it is.

The thing is though, I’ve found my own technique for getting lightweight, natural makeup with just sunscreen, concealer or with BB cream, or even a foundation. It’s faster that way, since they already give medium to high coverage to begin with, and using hands to treat problem areas gets me done in less than five minutes. And lasts longer even without powder!

Initially Laneige cushion did that to me, but its longevity was so short I found myself wanting to touch-up than how I usually prefer.

And speaking of longevity, it’s SPF broad spectrum protection isn’t going to last long if it can’t stay on longer than thirty minutes. Sure, I’m a cancer prevention kind of person, I put on sunscreen before makeup, which assures me that I’m protected because my cushion is unreliable.

I guess it’s good for touch-ups, but might as well use my sunscreen on top (which I do, on any complexion makeup).

In conclusion

Laneige BB cushion Anti-Aging compact is what it is: a convenient cushion and perhaps just as comparable to most cushions out there in the market. Although I have L’oreal cushion’s review coming soon, as I’ve said, despite it performing a bit better, its going to be a long while before I’m convinced of certain cushions that may work for me and my preferences.

Perhaps the long years of hype and bandwagoning of brands finally got to me. But when it did, I was sorely disappointed. My expectations were too high and, as I’m slowly transitioning to getting cruelty free/vegan/ethical, most cushions are from brands that aren’t. Despite that, I’m glad to be disappointed. The things I do before I got a cushion was already just right for me, but even when I particularly am not satisfied with them, I do my best to supplement them into my makeup/ beauty routine to work according to my preferences and against environmental factors.

Laneige BB cushion Anti-Aging compact isn’t a bad product, per se. It delivered what cushions can deliever and what is expected of it generally. It’s travel-friendly and isn’t going to bother airport checks since I brought this to Taiwan with me twice. I didn’t find myself retouching back in Taiwan, as often as it is here in the Philippines, as seasonal and environmental factors play a lot, and I think most cushions are effective during colder seasons (it was winter season back in Taiwan in February and spring in April). With that said, the Laneige cushion definitely gave me the Korean beauty glow a lot of us are seeking for in these Korean products. It blurred pores, made me look my natural best (albeit a bit paler and pink, I must say) and is a good primer underneath another complexion makeup, as it smoothens my skin and prepares it for the next step. With these beneficial sides, I think others would find Laneige BB cushion compact a match for their needs (if you can find your shade) and a step to experiencing Korean beauty products.

For me, though, I realize that it’s the philosophy behind Korean beauty that truly matters when it comes to looking our best. And hopefully, that philosophy should soon translate much better on cushions. But hey, what do I know? Just a so-so experience of it, that’s what.

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