Brand names that have been used as a generic term for a long time

Yep, every single one, I’ve heard it!

Plumage of Letters

When I was a kid, my father and I went into the grocery store one day. He asked the saleslady, “Miss, meron ba kayong Colgate, yung Closeup?” (Miss, do you have a Colgate, the Closeup brand?) I didn’t understand his question at that time. Now that I’ve grown up hearing the same thing from other people mentioning brand names like a common noun, I find myself laughing every time I remember his question that very day.

How lucky of those companies who have pioneered a product in the Philippines in this century or at least in the last 50 years. Their nationwide product distribution reaching every island in the country has boosted their lasting presence in the daily vocabulary of a typical Pinoy.

Here are some of the brand names you might hear from some people, especially the grown-ups saying these terms because they grew up calling it that way…

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