Lip balm reviews

My lips will always be dry and cracked. Eight glasses of water is useless when it’s too hot and humid here in the Philippines, since the body just sweats them out!

With these issues, lip balms come to the rescue!

I have three that I trust and currently finishing right now: 2 Human Nature lip balms and 1 Maybelline lip balm.

Quick Reviews:

The oldest I have here is the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Berry Crush. It’s decent moisture and added sheer pink color helps in giving my dry lips life. Unfortunately, it’s not the most effective and long-lasting. Plus, if put on top crusty, cracked lips, it will be emphasized and, personally, worsens the area. If using this under liquid or tube lipstick, I really need to wipe away the previous layer of worn lip product, regardless if it’s this lip balm or my lip look.

If you need a lip balm that gives efficient moisture and sheer color, then Baby Lips has you!

Next, it’s the Human Nature Flavored lip balm. I have it in peppermint. At first swipe, and even until now, it’s not as slick when it’s applied; however, its formulae does ensure a more effective moisture and hydration. It does feel thick and has no color. I don’t often feel wiping away the previously worn lip product if it’s with this, since my lips are heavily hydrated with this (of course, depending on the environment and/or level of hydration, lips will have the tendency to become dry); so reapplying liquid or tube lipstick is still passable.

Human Nature has more flavored and colored lip balms, plus their own cruelty free cosmetics line to try! Check them out!

Last lip balm–or rather lip oil–is also from Human Nature, the Sunflower Lip Miracle Lip Oil, in peach flavor. Since it’s in oil form, I use it when I don’t need a cosmetic lip product, especially if my lips are peeling or very cracked (tmi, sorry). Its slick and oily, tastes lightly of peaches and hydrates as an oil should. It does take time for it to absorb, unlike those on balm form. I highly recommend this for overnight use, or if your lips are truly in need of healing or hydration.

These are the ones I use for daily use or for under cosmetic lip products. I do use coconut oil for overnight use only.

These are my quick reviews! How do you ladies and gents ensure your lips stay good?

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