Current favorites pt 2: Ellana cosmetics Iris Eye/blending brushes

Last post, I revealed the Iris Face Brushes and how I utilized each for complexion makeup, even when it’s beyond their intended design.

Now, we move on to their partners!

Comparison of the Iris Eye and Blending Brush shapes

Before I move forward to each brush, I have found their specific bane, and its how similar they are. A look at them in the pictures show that they are only different by a few centimetres. As mentioned in part 1, Iris brushes were duos and are predetermined, so a purchaser would really have to take that brush upon purchasing, even though they may likely not need that brush.

Despite the con, I still find that they’re both designed with high quality in mind and, once again, they are very versatile!

Again, here are their specifications:

  • Iris Blending Brush 105 – 1cm x 1.3cm, 13.3cm handle
  • Iris Eyeshadow Brush 106 – 1.1cm x 1.5cm, 12.3cm handle
Iris Eyeshadow, left; Iris Blending, right

After using and experimenting with the Kabuki brush, I went straight for these girls to see how they perform against pressed, powder/glitter types and even fluid products.

First of, the Iris Blending Brush!

Seriously, I thought I didn’t take a picture of this one, because she is twinning with her sister Eyeshadow brush too well! The biggest differences were the ferrules, the shape of the brushes (even though it’s almost the same) and, because I’ve used them before taking their pictures, the pigments on their brushes!

Despite the con, the Blending Brush is effective, versatile and interchangeable with any eyeshadow brush you may have or with her sister brush! If you see you’re out of eye brushes, or need one to pack product, this is one reliable brush!

Whether you’re blending your overall eye color first or fluffing a crease color or even actually packing the product, the Blending Brush does that and more!

It’s densely-packed bristles and long, slender shape help ensure it can accurately place the product where you need it.

Still, being a blending brush, its fluffy brush is great at softening too opaque colors or just brushing off excess from where it is. And since it’s slender enough, I used it to conceal skin in nooks, crannies or just to carefully place the right amount, then pat it on!


  • Soft, synthetic, but also densely-packed for accurate blending or putting product
  • Slender brush head, leading to a versatile brush
  • Affordable and travel-friendly


  • Too similar with her sister, the Iris Eyeshadow brush
  • Isn’t as fluffy. It’s soft, but as a blending brush, it’s not as comparably fluffy.

Next, the Iris Eyeshadow brush!

Heading straight for one frank con, I find that this brush isn’t as good with pressed eyeshadow products, than were my glitter/loose products. The Ellana brushes were designed for loose/mineral products, after all.

It’s less densely packed and fluffier than her Blending Brush sister, but I notice how much of the eyeshadow is absorbed into the brushes.

However, it didn’t mean that I didn’t find it enjoyable to use!

Being so fluffy, I find it suits better as a blending brush than her sister, spreading color all over my lids and even under eye are for smokey looks! If you need a quick fluffing of eye color or a quick one-color eye look, this brush is a go-to!

And since it’s so effective with loose products and pigments, I use this for spreading glittery shadows or highlighting products on my lids or on certain points of my face! It’s also effective in setting under eye powder or dusting powder to set on certain nooks only!

It’s okay with fluid products to sheer its pigment, given that the brush truly is for powder/loose/glitter products, and it will absorb the fluid in its brushes. If the fluid product is too heavy and creamy, this is not the one scooping and spreading those in.


  • Soft, synthetic, fluffy
  • Interchangeable and versatile enough to be used beyond its intended designed
  • Affordable and travel-friendly


  • Too similar with her sister, the Iris Blending brush.
  • Too fluffy and absorbs pressed products/pigments

Here they are!

In reviewing this, I had the hindsight that these brushes, especially the eye brushes, are suited for loose mineral products, which is mostly what Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is!

I’m sure I’ll go looking into their expanding line of products since I have been eyeing their brand for a long time now! Interested? Check them out!

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