Baby Steps in a New Journey, PLUS new reviews.

I have neglected this blog account for a few years since I’ve created it. I never intended to forget this, but I don’t want to have excuses or explanations riddled in this blog.

Instead, I want to start fresh. There had been plans made for this blog, but since they, too, had long been gone and I’ve just gotten back to this account, I’ve decided to scrap previous plans to really start fresh.

Also, since I’m on tight budget and will only be reviewing what I have really tried, tested and experimented on, it means no current and high-end products are going to be on my blog. Every product review on this blog is going to honest, but it also means every product is going to be treated as if they’re on quality control, every product given fair and equal observations and experimentation, as they are going to perform on my skin and with any current weather, environment and occasion.

On that note, it means some reviews are going to take time, and some will have a re-review to see if the product will have a different effect on this weather, environment or occasion.

That said, my reviews, as much as possible, will be succinct, precise and short-to-the-point. There will be references, right crediting, etc. if I can’t provide pictures or need more truthful information. On that note, being on a transitional stage of going cruelty-free and ethical, I will also include information of the product’s stance, mission-vision, eco-goals, philanthropy, etc.

And with all that said, I’ll be re-exploring this website once again, see what’s changed, what hasn’t and edit this profile to include different socials. Good luck, to me, to you!


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