The Return of the Inexperienced Blogger: the Loss, Agony and New Promises

It is now March 4 and only now do I feel the shock of how many months I’ve agonized over losing the details of my WordPress account, agonized and regretted how I didn’t save a space in my notebooks, computer files and even on my phone on how I could log back into this account.

I’ve agonized, thought of making a new one but something always held me back…

What about the first account? You barely used it….

I’ve traveled to Japan (new series post on that in the future), celebrated my cousin’s wedding, made and re-made drafts of a fanfiction that is STILL in working progress (I’m contemplating of posting another blog post to update and probably gain readers, but details of it will be on another post, not this one), job-hunting for anything for me to earn money and will outline a full-on horror novel of my own (ahh, ambition)…

After all that, and all this time, in the last few months, the details for my email and password for this account had been stored in the wrong section of my computer’s Libraries section and never thought to look for it (it was on the Pictures section of my collection of very attractive people, okay, how the hell did it wind up there?????!!!!)

I cried hallelujah!!!! FINALLY, I don’t need to think about making a second account and going back to zero (because I’m still on zero with this account!) and start!

Initially promised, I want to review on my face makeup products, which will IMMEDIATELY be posted after this one. I’ll finish the Face Makeup batch first then move on to another category, which I believe is the Eye Makeup Batch.

The blog posts won’t be strict about the sequence of just Makeup, there’ll be other posts concerning my current travel in Japan and probably some personal things (not too personal, no names and specific events will be outright told; other people’s and companies’ privacy will be respected).

Ah, it’s actually good to blog long things and that’s why I wanted to find my account details again BADLY for the last few months; being on Tumblr is fun and all, but it’s just not the same. Now that I have the account details again and saving them properly in a section where I could locate it, I will not let it go ever again. No, Queen Elsa, I am NOT letting go, not letting go00o0o0ooo!!!!

Yes, a promise is a promise!

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