Upcoming Makeup Review Series: First Batch – Face Makeup

Hullo! This will be my official serious post! I apologize that this is literally my second post since I’m still trying to learn how to get around WordPress and been making a list of what to post here.

I decided that Face makeups would be interesting and the shortest because I only own a few. I have two liquid foundations, one stick foundation, two bb creams, four powders and a primer, all drugstore/affordable in where I am from. Since most of them have been in the market for years, I still think that giving my two cents on these products could help some people re-think in their purchases or experiences with them and use it again.

I will also make other makeup batches: eye makeup batch (which I have a TON and will probably be the longest), cheek/blush makeup batch, makeup brush batch and lip makeup batch.

To give you an idea of what I will be reviewing for my face makeup batch, here are some photos:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA hybrid foundation of Revlon Colorstay by funbeautybadassery Inno Natural House Gold Caviar BB Cream by Inno Natural House L'oreal True Match Foundation by funbeautybadassery

I have yet to take pictures of my other bb cream, powders and the primer. My camera is having technical glitches as well as it is being borrowed. You may notice I’ve taken photos of these on November, but…well, sometimes I get busy with other hobbies and chores, but that’s the usual excuse now, isn’t?

I’ll post the first review around Thursday, but I am also going to blog about my other plans, like a book review series and a video game review series (although, that’s going to be hard, I have some video games that had been out for years or are unheard of in mainstream game reviews. I’ll manage to keep the variety fun and badass, though, because I want to see if people are into some of the games I’m in *fingers crossed*).

I am also going to post some of my travels here, although I am still sorting out the pictures; also I am travelling to Japan a week from now, so busy busy busy… But before going away, I at least need to post three or four, just to keep this blog a little alive.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.


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